What does a woman need to see to know that a guy is serious?

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What the ladies said ….

Talks of seriousness, including you in his dreams and future plans. Respecting you and treating you well. Telling his friends/family about you. Acting proud.

Consistency, showing an interest in your interests, planning for the future, acting upon his intentions, making you his priority.
EFFORT!!!! I cannot stress how important effort is in letting a woman know that a guy is serious. If someone puts in work for you, you can never truly doubt their interest levels. Also transparency. When a guy is transparent with you, it tells you that he wants you to be in his world as his confidante, best friend and woman.

It depends what serious is defined as to different people it means different things. Generally speaking a woman can tell if a man is serious if he includes you in his future plans. Does he discuss the two of you in a few years? Are you both in that picture? Also when he brings you around his family and friends that’s a sign of seriousness it shows he’s comfortable with you. His actions, how he treats you will tell you if he is serious and how he makes you feel when your together.

A Women needs to see a man who is responsible, try’s to put her needs first and cares about her wellbeing, not just financially but what she is doing career wise and her progressive next steps. A guy that is open not secretive, introduces her to his family and always tries to include her in his daily life.

For me and my ex it was a thing where he stated that he was looking for a relationship but he also said that he initially just wants us to get to know each other. I think where a lot of guys go wrong is they will say oh I don’t want nothing serious. Then straight away you’ve both outlined that it’s a linking thing. It’s hard to come out of that zone.

You are his priority.

I need to observe his unconscious behaviour. For instance how he treats his mother. How he usually treats women and how he views them. Are they just objects or trophies to him? Does he only seek a big booty and a smile if so he’s not a keeper, he’s not necessarily looking for a wife. On the other hand if he is attracted to other elements in me apart from just my physical then I feel as though he’s scoping me out for future potential. If he likes the fact that I’m ambitious, can cook, educated, if all those things are important to him then I take that as him actually liking me as a person and not an object and it’s also revealing of his mentality. I also need to see him making an effort with me and not being laid back. Wine and dine me, communicate often and be open with me. If he’s not communicating often, it may enter my mind that he has other distractions, i.e other girls.

What the guys said…….

You need to see him being couscous about making past mistakes. See him taking things slowly, not try and get into your pants. He will like you but not throw everything your way where it’s unmanageable and reckless.

Actions not words -A person’s intentions can never really be clear I would say. It’s a feeling that you have and the hope in your heart that tells you the feeling is real and that’s the basis of it really.

Commitment, respect, honesty.

You know actions speak louder than words with all these things. There is no real formula. You act on instinct. Women have the best instinct but don’t act on them. A man who truly desires a woman will change his circle of friends to keep her happy.

Signs of interest, does he refer them (us) in future tense conversations. -Sacrificing things that you know they like for you i.e. football, gym, going out, other girls.

I think the question is for women. A guy can give her the world on a plate but she’ll still want more… (the modern day woman at least) -I don’t know what a woman needs to see, because each to their own. However, you can tell if a person is serious by their actions and the company they keep. If they have ambition and drive they’re more likely to be serious on whatever they put their mind to. If they are comfortable to a certain way of life and she’s ambitious eventually that will become a problem (works both ways).

Most women think a ring on the finger is ultimate commitment….cow shit I say! Guess each woman is different. Some would say having a child together. I’m certain there are things guys just show that will convince the girl that he is serious.

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