Is flirting cheating?

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If I was told my girl was flirting at the club the night before then I would be pissed and let it be known I was pissed, but how different was it to when I was flirting the week before?

Is flirting cheating? It really just depends. Is it innocent flirting, or are you making a pass at someone?  Some people say you shouldn’t be talking to any member of the opposite sex when you go out and you should have tunnel vision…..whatever mate, the fact is, as humans, we can be deeply in love with someone but we can still find other people attractive.

So if I were an innocent flirter, I would say something like “sweetheart you look gorgeous in that dress and it really compliments your body, in fact my girl is the same size as you and I would love to know where you got that dress from”.  Yes it’s slightly confusing to the other woman, but your still getting your perv on, but letting her know that you have a woman.

However if I was making a pass at a woman I would say something like “well me and my girl are having a rough time so don’t worry about her, just worry about how you like your eggs in the morning”. Now he could get shot down and say “I was just joking”, but if she said yes then he’d possibly be serving eggs sunny side up.

Worrying about your other half flirting should be the least of your worries, flirting is a physical emotion, but there’s nothing you can do when your partner begins to lust after someone else and that’s the problem, we are so caught up in the minor shit, that we forget to take care of business and keep him/her happy.

People flirt for many reasons, some just want to feel like they are still attractive to the opposite sex, that they’ve still “got it”, and others want to try and see how far they can take it and deal with the consequences later.

Is flirting cheating???? For the most part no its not, If Kobe Bryant had just flirted with girls instead of laying pipe, he’d still have his three mansions and a spare £75m.  If Tiger Woods had just flirted instead of sticking his 9 iron in multiple women, he’d still have a bag of money and probably be #1.  If R. Kelly had just flirted with Mr. Biggs’ girl then he wouldn’t have got his arse kicked at the end of the video. If Eric Bennett…………never mind.

Flirting is subjective to the other person, my girl doesn’t want me to flirt with any girl, fun or not, but she’d rather me flirt for fun, than disrespectfully fornicate with random strippers for shits and giggles.  So go out, have fun, flirt, and just know whom you’re going home to, and appreciate that person. I’ve seen the quote “as sex has become easier to get, love is now harder to find”, if you have that person, don’t ruin it by worrying over the small things.

Written by Daudrew: The clown with an opnion

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