In terms of a relationship who has the more difficult role men or women?

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 What the ladies said:

Man, I think it’s difficult for men to be men, a real good father and husband. Not many succeed in keeping the family together.  I was told once that us women, we’re are sort of trained  from early on to be women, mothers  and wives.

Women because we have to make sure food is cooked when the man gets in, laundry is done and the house is clean.

Women because she has a lot of SHIT to put up with.

To answer your question, I don’t think one role is more difficult than the other. Men will experience difficulties women don’t and vice versa. It’s important to be aware of these differences and remember it’s a partnership, not a competition!

Woman we have to up hold a lot more standards. This can range from looking good, adjusting to being a wife to being a mother- she has to devise good time for both.

If it’s a proper relationship the man has pressure to provide and the woman has pressure with house hold, children and work (if she works).

Both roles are challenging.

Emotional attachment. Men are more likely to think about that moment rather than a women who will think of future.

A man role is less defined after the women revolution of the 60s!

It depends on who takes the relationship more serious. Tend to be the one that stresses more

Both! Men because they have assume, the role of the head. Women because they have to learn to submit and give leading role to their husband.

What the guys said:

Men have to provide.

Think its equal due to different contributions to the relationship.

I think men have it harder because a man doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he’s in a relationship. He is conforming to a new way of life, and many times will bend to his woman’s will.

I feel men have the most difficult role, as they let a lot of things go once in a relationship to keep the peace.

Men have the difficult role, because they have to deal with all the nagging.

I would probably say girls have it harder because they have to put up with a lot of crap from guys cheating etc. Men have plenty of options, so most women feel the need to try harder to please their men.

We both do- it’s not easy. Both have different roles, but I don’t think they should be compared, as each it can all be seen from each person prospective.

Men definitely have the harder role to play. They always have to match up to the woman’s list of demands.

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