How do you keep a man’s attention without giving them sex?

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What the ladies said…….

Keep him interested in getting to know me by being open and showing him my personality. Keep him busy in other ways, by sharing eachothers hobbies.

be fun, make him feel good about himself but don’t make urself too available for him…keep him on his toes basically

To be honest, you just be yourself. If a man likes you for who you are, then it’s irrelevant if you are giving up the goods or not. He’s either gonna still phone, text, take you out etc based on who you are or he ain’t. And if he don’t, don’t sweat it cause it shows who’s real and who’s not.

To keep a mans attention without sex you need to have friendship as the foundation of your relationship.  To maintain interest it doesn’t have to just be physical. Good conversation, making good company, someone he can confide in, being considerate and having a life of your own will keep a man’s attention. A guy can have sex with anyone that doesn’t mean you’ve got his attention and respect. Spending time together, sharing interests and similar goals are things that build lasting relationships. Looking your best helps as well. Men are visual so women shouldn’t neglect that side.

U keep a mans attention by being attentive to what Is going on in his life, listening and being their 4 him emotionally. Cook for him, chat and laugh. Also by being an interesting female with conversational skills- he will want to explore ur mind further

To keep a man’s attention I’d say be honest upfront about your prinicples and be firm but polite about it. If they can’t wait a few weeks or a month to become sexual dont give in and they’ll know you’re serious.

By not being so available to him all the time. Men love the thrill of the chase they just don’t like to admit it. If you allow him to fall for Ur personality after the initial attraction to u but you’re not always available to him. Trust he’s not going anywhere just yet … You’ve got his attention.

Don’t give it up, it makes them want you more.

Show them the attributes that you can bring to the table apart from sex because a guy can get sex anywhere.  What makes you unique? Build on being his friend, be supportive of his mission, cook for him, we all know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Finally,you can keep it sexy and capture his attention without going all the way there. There is something sexy about a tease and yearning for something.

What the guys said ……

Difficult question but I’d say a woman keeps a man’s attention by helping him become a man and helping him make steps towards his personal goals. Bringing ideas to the table and solutions to the problem. Those things make a man look at a woman very differently. It says that she’s willing to struggle with you and hope that you enjoy your success with her.

You can’t keep a man’s attention. He will see it as a challenge if he is only after the pussy.

EFFORT!!!! I cannot stress how important effort is in letting a woman know that a guy is serious. If someone puts in work for you, you can never truly doubt their interest levels. Also transparency. When a guy is transparent with you, it tells you that he wants you to be in his world as his confidante, best friend and woman.

My answer is relevant to me, as each person is different. Appeal to my nature, appeal to my expectations. Care and be outgoing. Keep me on my toes.

You can’t keep anyone’s attention that doesn’t want to give you that attention, man or woman, it’s that simple. There is nothing you can do, so the best thing is to just move on. That in itself is attractive to people.
It’s not a woman’s job to keep a man’s attention, it’s a man’s job to keep a women. Sex doesn’t keep a guy, not the way you would want. I think if a man is in to you he will. You won’t have to ask such questions

Be yourself and speak up…general chemistry.

It depends what kind of relationship you have with the person. The anticipation of sex keeps guys interested. If there is a chance that sex can happen, guys will stick around, but not for long.

She should give head LOL. I would say financial or moral stuff. Buying something you know he desires can be an advantage, but doesn’t always work. you can cater to the guy and make sure his belly is full.

I don’t like to be smothered, I like space. I like a smart woman, confident and fun.

If attention can’t be obtained without sex there is something not comfortable about the persons character. There may have a void in which sex is the plug needed to close it up. However, everyone has things that they enjoy., find out what it is about your man that catches his attention. See if it is something you can enjoy too. Be supportive, push his ambitions. If you can’t or don’t look like you’ll help him grow, then that will contribute to losing the attention. (it works both ways)

How you keep a good man’s attention without giving him sex is by being yourself. Being interested but not reliant on him. If you focus on what his movements are and being reliant on him you’re playing a game. When you play games they lose interest.

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