At what point is it ok for her to ask what are we?

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What the ladies said

From jump to be honest, Not necessarily what are we, but what are your goals and motivation for dating.

After a couple dates she has the right to say where is this going.

Yes it is okay to ask what we are after spending time together. For her to ask that she probably has an idea where she wants to take the relationship and to avoid wasting time will want to know if the guy is on the same page.

When you believe you have been dating exclusively for a few months and want to keep it that way. I would more identify where he sees the future rather than the now though if that makes sense

What the guys said …….

If you have been listening to him, he has been telling what type of woman he dates. Are you that woman? If not accept your status.

If I’m serious, she shouldn’t have to ask me. I would have made it clear. If I’m not, I will let it flow without defining it.

If she’s serious, she should ask me straight away.

When you feel uncomfortable in the current situation and deem it necessary to ask in order to move it forward or to stop.

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One Response to At what point is it ok for her to ask what are we?

  1. Sara says:

    It’s ok at any point. For you to be asking that surely means you’ve come to some sort of realisation, like what it is that you want out of your situation, so you shouldn’t have to hold back from asking, regardless. Whatever comes from it will be the right answer either way.

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