If a person you are dating only contacts via WhatsApp does that mean they are not that serious about you?

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What the Ladies said ……

Yes it does mean that they are not serious. I would question why whatsApp is the only form of communication. If it’s because they don’t have time to talk then that shows you how little they value you. When you value a person, you make time for them, get to know their interests etc and who they are. WhatsApp alone does not allow for this to happen. If they were serious,  they would make time for you and call you.

Even if they were serious I would know they were not serious. What matters is time and effort. If you can only im me all day yet I can’t hear your voice at least once a day then it’s not worth it. Women fall mostly by what they hear men fall mostly by what they see. That would fade my interest quick.

No not really, because I chat to my husband a lot via whatsappWhatsapp is a platform for communicating so what’s the problem.

I know people get shy on the phone etc.. I think to start off communication on  whatsapp is fine…However, after a period of time.. Phone calls are needed. It avoids misinterpretation of texts…Plus it indicates that someone is willing to make time and effort for you.. If they continued to only text I’d probably be a little apprehensive and would start to lose interest.

If I’m into youu I’d make more of an effort.

No i don’t think it means they’re not serious. Many if not all of us have confirmed to this modern method of communication, so it’s become almost second nature to do so in that manner

When I first read this question I thought to myself what a really silly questions. But had to think twice as people have relationships on Facebook that they consider to be real…. Obviously that is not my idea of a real relationship when the only contact you have is social media. I mean having a far distance reaction with the support of social media I get but as that as you only source of contact heck no that is 100% Not a serious relationship by any standard. How can anyone claim you know them just by messages back and forth I mean where is the real human interaction all humans are build for.

Yes – if a person you are dating only contacts you via whatsapp they have no interest in really getting to know you

I’m old skool I need to hear a voice.

Yes they are not serious because  a relationship involves more than a quick text. I need to see, speak and be in my partners company

You can’t be ‘dating’ someone if u only contact each other on Whatsapp

Not necessarily but a phone call will be nice. It just shows you care.

Hmmmm possibly but depends might be initial way before meeting.    Some boy calls me everyday but I feel like I don’t have time to speak to you everyday on the phone sorry.

They are not serious that’s lazy if you like someone you should communicate with them in different ways not just text.

Well not really… as long as the relationship grows, the forms of contact do too.

I mean I guess it depends on a few things, if you see each other all the time face to face then what app etc doesn’t really matter.. If you don’t get to see each other as much as you should or would like to, then it’s important to be able to communicate through more then just what’s app.. It’s hard enough for women & men to communicate open & honestly as it is.. whats app I think just adds to the difficulty.. It cuts out all our emotions & senses which leads to even more miscommunication.

Means you’re the side piece.  What kind of  nonsense.  Whatsapp is really the communication when u can’t talk.. you ain’t gonna get to know me Via whatsapp. Ans some people have what is called whatsapp personalities, meet them in life and they as dry as shit. You’d rather watch paint dry. So if you can’t call me to have a convo.. then mate we aren’t dating.

Lol. Mmmmmm some people don’t like talking, they  find it hard to talk. However if I’m not serious about a guy I don’t want to be calling him. Whatsapp is better for that.

Phone calls need to be incorporated with what’s app messages.

Yes it does mean that. Because there not taking a real time out to talk to you.

What the Guys said ……….

Doesn’t mean they not serious. If they are he’s did heels for you and extremely shy they will communicate more by text. So they could love you to bits and still communicate by text

Well it’s data they are using! So yea they are mocking isn’t it. Not good enough to run through your minute just data bubdle.

YEAH Although no issues with WhatsApp, if this was the only method of contact they were prepared to do then it would raise alarm bells. Once seriously dating, I would expect the odd voice to voice method; even skype.

YES-1000% especially after more than two dates. Ladies say something about it or distance yourself if he follows he is interested.

That person may not like talking on the phone. However what is the point in reading in to a text. Actions have always spoken louder, so in response no.

It means they may just be workaholics and busy all they to speak which would be a problem anyway unless they both prefer their own space

Depends what you mean by serious, but eventually as you get to know one you’d expect to talk over the phone.

Text is very impersonal so I would strongly agree that there’s no real attachments. Cut him off and have some more self-worth.

No it doesn’t for the simple fact that there might possibly be others on the scene. Until both your status changes, there shouldn’t necessarily be any other guarantees.

Communication has changed with technology. So no it doesn’t mean they are not serious. And if you are not happy with the method of communication you have the ability to change it. Communication is a two way process.

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