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STI – It Can Happen To Anyone

Published On April 19, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Sexual Health

He made me smile for a while,

But now I frown.

He has turned my life upside down.

Now I believe I have contracted an std, Wish he would rip.

I scream and shout,

never did I, have any doubts.

A man of his age,

He’s a pure disgrace, to the male race.

I feel I cannot have anything I hoped for Because I am no longer pure.

No future relationships now,

I hate him,

But I hate me more!

There was no text or call,

Why won’t he man up!

I feel like a stupid fool.

Need to educate my mind on this sti.

I’m going to find a place that somebody can help me,

Heal these feelings and move on.

The sexual health clinic are the least judgemental

They give you hope, they help you cope.

Also most of our population have contracted a std,

So I’m not the only one, its not just me.

If only there was some sort of community, where you could express yourself.

This is my voice to say its okay, build your self esteem and your be ready

For anything to come your way.

Written By Poetic27Justice

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