Is your partners exes allowed to attend your wedding?

Published On April 5, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Marriage, Relationships

What the ladies said

It won’t be a big deal, because we are getting married. I would have had to be ok with the fact that they still communicate (meaning they are friends) so I can’t make a deal out of him inviting “her” or “them”.

Yes, If they’ve happened to maintain some kind of friendship that I’ve been aware of then why not. Random invites to exes however, nah, unnecessary.

I think a part of me would like her to be there as I would be thinking he’s marrying me not you lol, but a part of me would also feel uncomfortable I think it would depend on why he was inviting her? If they are friends and in contact I would get that but not if they weren’t.

I would be ok with it if I knew them personally & had some kind of relationship with them, I only want close family & friends at my wedding, people that really matter.

Depends on the situation but if they are on good terms why not? He’s marrying you after all. -No unless I was friends with her too. -Depends on the ex. It depends on history and current circumstance.

Depends, if the break up was not bad and they did remain good friends then Yeah, but if it’s a random invite and a blast from the past then hell no.

I would need to discuss matter in more depth you will understand the reason and once I have the real reason then you can find solution or reassure the person. -I don’t know, I may question why they are coming. If they are friends then I Might not. It no big deal, but then I’m easy going. If I have a problem with the ex then no. But it’s a wedding so I don’t see the threat. If my husband is 100% against it then no ex’s.

Depends on their friendship as long as I don’t feel they are a threat then no. I am super close with one of my ex’s and he is definitely coming to my wedding. So I have to be liberal to my future partner.

It depends do I know the ex? If I don’t know her I don’t really care. -Yes because I’m the one marrying him. -No one iv slept with will be there , so there is no need. -I’d say no to a recent ex’s if it was someone from way back or they had been friends for years that ok!

What the guys said

I don’t think I would have an issue with it. I’d like to think I would have met them or know of them before hand. -Personally as the groom I don’t want no guest there who have been with the bride. -Yes, as long as I closely monitor my partner.

Yes I would

It would be strange, but depends. If you had a relationship with someone and you keep talking to him/her, and in that case he or she would be invited, but I think I wouldn’t be very happy with that.
Yes as all my exes, I still have a relationship on a friendship level. And the reason why I would want them to be there is to show my bride off. Let them see what position they could have had.

I see no problem if they have a friendship and are in contact, they are going to be in contact with them throughout the marriage, so why get caught up in one day. Plus I’d like to believe my wife would not invite that is inappropriate.

I have attended an ex’s wedding, so yes I would, but I wont lie it did feel a bit strange at times.

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