When in a relationship or dating what are 3 habits the opposite sex do that drive you crazy or get on your nerves?

Published On February 9, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the ladies said

1. Having telephone conversations when they are with you.

2. Not doing what they say they will do e.g. calling when they say they will call.

3. A guy that just wants to stay in all the time.

4. Lack of communication: never saying what they are really feeling and expecting us to be mind readers.

5. Lack of attention – spending more time with friends, computer, TVetc.

6.  Constantly asking for food to be cooked.

7. When they let you down just before.

8. Going through my personal stuff (phone,bb, facebook), demanding not asking.

9.  Looking at other women.

10.  Game playing.

11. Not being able to handle rejection in an adult manner.


What the guys said

1. Acting like a guy: farting, burping or any of that shit!

2. Starting to get comfy and making less effort with appearance.

3. Leaving hair in the “bathtub, sink” or anywhere in the toilet.

4. Not initiating the first move for sex e.g. When you’re in bed and she hasn’t got the initiative to jump on top of you, waiting for you to initiate sex.

5. They don’t want us to have fun without them. She thinks you’re only allowed to have fun WITH her and no one else.

6. Always wanting to know where you are, who you’re with, who’s that?

7. Twisting your words to mean something else e.g.

8. Not being honest with her friends about the level of the relationship you are in together. Telling her friend that I’m her boyfriend when we are just linking.

9.  Double standards: playing the ‘you’re the man card when it suits her or her telling me my female friend is on me, but her male friend is harmless. When I’m too tired for sex there is a big problem, when the female is tired she’s actually tired (what’s the difference?).

10. Inability to compromise or make sacrifices.

11. They want you to put them before your work. Work pays the bills love!

12. When I have to repeat myself because they don’t listen properly.

13.  Moaning about anything and everything when it suits them.

14. Rushing you into making the relationship official.

15. Constant texting or phoning but having nothing to say.

16. Not being able to handle the obvious facts or truths they keep asking for.

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