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What the Guys said

Farts/ allow her to pay for shit/ suck my dick/ get too comfortable- should always be on point

Don’t do things that you’ll end up saying no to later on in a relationship i.e suck dick or take it in the arse. Could mean you BF/ GF might just go get it elsewhere without your permission lol

There can be some habits that just grow and become more noticeable as you get to know them. I believe that both should be themselves and there shouldn’t really be anything you shouldn’t first date….unless its farting, burping and eating like pig lol

Your date must never fart in front of you in the early stages of a relationship or belch or have food stains on their clothes- they just come across to me as slobs/ dirty individuals/ bring me in slowly/ make sure for first impressions you dress age inappropriate or be wearing clothes that are tired, show that they don’t take pride in their appearance.

If a woman begins to lead you in the relationship, she will never stop. The way to earn her respect is to take the lead and keep it

There is no real rules to what you can and can’t do- the important thing is to be yourself

I have a problem with this question. Basically you will be lying to someone until they are too deep to change their mind. So you’re not yourself in the fear of the your true self not being good enough, or you’re crazy, or just have issue-entrapment some might call it/ be who you are and do what you do

Early stages don’t over do/say on how much you like the person, because one of you always takes longer to get the right feelings going

no rules- you can still bed someone first night and still end up with them, some people will tell you different/first stages of a relationship do not seek marriage, seek companionship/friend someone with the potential to take the next stage/focus on enjoying life.


Partners should avoid talking to ex’s/flings/ talking about friends of the opposite sex in the early stages of the relationship- could cause insecurities

Arguing is usually a no-no but again, it depends on the type of people they are

Don’t talk about how much money you have

Talk about ex’s/ discuss how many partners you’ve been with/ sleep over/ meet the parents

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