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What the guys said

Meeting the parents from very early

Saying I love you as well gets me on red alert

Wanting to know the other persons whereabouts and always wanting to see them

Moving too fast is having sex with no rubber

When one person wants to take it to the next stage without talking with the other about it or if the other is not ready to take it to the next stage, but you constantly trying to push them

When they want to have a baby

Moving too fast is anything that makes you feel too uncomfortable e.g. talk of moving in after 3 dates

Moving to fast in a relationship is being too eager and not taking the time think, wanting something quickly, allowing your emotions and mind to jump a head of reality. Moving to fast is expecting too much too soon. The negative of this is you can put someone in a situation where you could lied to, mislead or feelings of pressure. A good way of solving this is to communicate, get an understanding of what the other person feels and thinks, regardless of if its something you want to hear or not

Sex on the first date

Spending every second together

Randomly chilling with your parents

When they want to have a baby

Demanding a key, assuming we are in a relationship

When your dating and she is deciding your in a relationship


What the Ladies said

When one is pressuring the other to do or say things that don’t come naturally/ or even feel naturally i.e sex, saying I love u, meeting the parents, marriage

Meeting the parents

Talking about babies less than one year into the relationship

If they are calling you more than once a day with the first week #too much

Having sex

Meeting family members

Trying to sleep with me straight away

Asking for commitment too soon

Wanting too much from me too early in the relationship

Moving in together straight away

Moving in- staying the night a few times a week isn’t the same as living with the person and could end things quickly

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