What are the unspoken rules in relationships?

Published On May 10, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the ladies said


I have no idea…what are rules? Why should there be rules?

Good head game! God loves a cheerful giver!

Always check in on each other’s goals.

Don’t bad mouth your partner in public regardless of what happens behind closed doors.


Don’t lie

No cheating


Attraction: you have to be attracted to someone in order to be in a relationship.

Let’s spend time apart sometimes it’s nice to see you all the time, but it’s also nice to see a burger all the time, If you have too much burger you can get high blood pressure and DIE! So space is good!.

You’re allowed to borrow things from me with permission. My lil sis had to ask to avoid death.

We don’t give oral sex when our friends ask.

When you are at my family’s house, you’re that good accountant that goes to church, but whatever you want to be when you leave is cool.

Allow leaving your dishes for me to do. This is the 21st century, equal opportunities and all the jazz.


What the guys said …..

It’s based on the type of relationship it is. Nothing applies to anything unless stated.

To be open, it’s not easy and it has to flow but if both people are closed then it will be problematic.

Obviously being unfaithful.

No words should go unspoken whether before or during the person you are with. It is detriment to your relationships wellbeing. You should not talk bad about the person you are seeing to anyone if you have an issue with your partner it should be spoken to them.

Unspoken rules – you only know you have them most of the time when they get broken.

No secrets

Be loyal

Pay them bills and confide in each other.

Give it up in the bedroom

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