What are the essentials things you should know about someone before entering a relationship?

Published On May 13, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the ladies said

  1. Their status
  2. If they have children
  3. What are their goals for the relationship
  4. His likes and dislikes
  5. His goals
  6. If he has dated any of your friends
  7. Criminal record
  8. There future plans
  9. Their entire background
  10. About their family

What the guys said

  1. How many people she has slept with
  2. Interests/things you have in common
  3. Ambitions
  4. Sexual past do they have STIs
  5. How they treat their parents
  6. Blood type especially for black people
  7. Family history
  8. Can they cook
  9. Do they want children
  10. What they do for a living
  11. Religious beliefs
  12. What value she brings to your life

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