What are the best ways a woman can show her man/partner she appreciates him?

Published On April 8, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

Previously it was men who had to do all the wooing and all. Be brave, compassionate, honest, supportive… all can be named the list goes on and on. Relationships go both ways and the same way women want to feel loved it’s pretty obvious men do too. One of the excuses men say when they are caught cheating is ‘I don’t know how you feel about me’, so to avoid anymore disappointment of hearing it from our guys the question was: ‘What are the best ways a woman can show her man/partner she appreciates him?’


1. Telling him – send him messages throughout the day.

2. Surprising him with something that he likes, like a little gift.  Get him something he has been talking about for a while like the latest computer game he absolutely loves.

3. Take him out for a nice meal.

4. Sexual treat – Suck dick 24/7  When he’s playing FIFA, when he’s washing the dishes, when he’s driving,  and when he’s sleeping.

5. Take him away – A holiday destination he has always wanted to go to or a weekend away.

6. Arranging a day/night out for him and his friends.

7. Take an interest in his work, family, friends, what he wants for the future! I think that shows you love and appreciate the person he is

8. Run a bath for him and giving him a massage. Men always do it for women so it would be a nice change.

9. Book a nice hotel for the night.

10. Give him the Weekend off Husband duties.

What the Guys said

1. Give him head.

2 Give compliments and show affection.

3. Sex.

4. Listen to him.

5. Send him morning texts.

6. Buy him petrol.

7. Just by being there for him.

8. Treating her man to something spectacular.

9. Doing something spontaneously.

10 Fulfil a sexual fantasy of his.

11. Tell me straight how you feel.

12. Put his request at the top of the pile.

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