When in a relationship how many “second chances” does someone deserve?

Published On February 22, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the Ladies Said

Wow! I don’t think there’s a real number you can put on that. Depends on what they’ve done and how you feel at the time. But let’s say 100 is way too many though. lol

Depends on what crime they’ve committed. If it’s cheating 1 chance or domestic violence 0 chances everything else as much as you can take.

As many as can be given.

I’m all for second chances but if the trusts gone it’s over, don’t force it. If you don’t trust someone there’s nothing they can do to try and “earn it back”. I think that’s just a tragic line girls use when they can’t let go or are afraid of change.

Life is too short for that shit and everyone deserves another chance however many chances.
1 (potentially) depending on what they did wrong. I doubt I’d give a 2nd chance for cheating. It’s difficult to say. I don’t think you can put a number on how many second chances they get. I think it depends on what they’ve done wrong. It’s called ‘second chance’ for a reason. lol

What the guys said

Only one, if they fuck up again there not worth it and you’re a twat if u believe they will change.

Second chances can go on forever but as soon as you see yourself forcing to be something you’re not then I think that’s when you got to end that shit. Unlimited

It totally depends on the and if you as the individual has the ability to forgive the crime and trust your partner again. But I do believe people give up on relationships to easily now days. So I would say give as many chances as you think you can handle.

It depends on the circumstances, if it cheating then one second chance, but if its minor domestics then there’s no specific number in mind as many as possible.

Until the pain caused destroys the love. As many as possible but that does not mean the dynamics of the relationship will remain the same. With every action there is a consequence.

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