Is your partner allowed to make new friends of the opposite sex?

Published On April 1, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the Ladies said:
Depends on what kind of ‘new friend’ this is. We are all free to make as many new friends as we want,  but if his new friend is female and he starts acting shady or hiding things and you find out then alarm bells ring. Also there’s an invisible line that cannot be crossed. Like spending lots of time with them alone, any after-hours phone calls.  Anything you wouldn’t really accept yourselves.

Yes if we’re all cool and get along and there’s nothing fishy, I don’t see why not. Some girls are very sly though. They would know he has a girl and still try it, and men seem to be oblivious to that until its too late lol.

Hell no, he can keep his old ones. I’m supposed to be his best friend now.

No need. Girls don’t make friends with men just because. Obviously he wouldn’t have approached her.

Men are a bit slow and don’t always realise when a woman fancies them. So I would probably want to see if I could work out what the situation is. Personally generally speaking of course he can. I trust my partner and if I ever distrust him, that’s when he becomes my ex. Having a high emotional intelligence probing and filtering is quickly done.

Random ones, I don’t think so. Colleagues and work relationships etc can’t be helped. It’s all about trust and openness. Make appropriate introductions where possible.

I guess so as long as they are not to close.

Only if she is one of the man them and only interacts with him when there is large groups. Even then she won’t be fully accepted until she knows and respects me. Reason for this answer is that men always say they don’t really have female friends. So any new female in his life would be suspicious.

Hell no why? I’m all the friend he needs. He’s only allowed old friends.

For what? That’s where it all starts. But if that’s the case let it be. Just be prepared for the worst.

What Guys said:

No because women sometimes fail to know the difference between a friend and an opportunist.

Men and women cannot be friends.

Never because  although her intentions may be to be kind, the man always has one agenda and as soon as u have an argument the other man will try and slip in.

A random name flying about isn’t on. Work colleagues are cool as long as they don’t call after work hours.

It should be ok depends on how she carries herself. And is respectful in regards to me.

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