Is public affection necessary in a relationship?

Published On March 22, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Marriage, Relationships

What the ladies said

Nah, it’s not ‘necessary’ but neither is there anything wrong with it, just doesn’t need to be on the relationship to-do list!

Public intimacy is not necessary some people are not into that stuff. I mean if you feel like you’re partner doesn’t want to know you in public at all, ok that’s a big deal.

I believe you don’t have to be publicly interment in a relationship, a kiss here and there, hand holding is cool but the couple have to respect that a majority of the public does not need to see how in love you are and how it goes down in the bedroom. If a couple feels they need to be publicly intimate then they have some unresolved dependency issues.

It depends what you define as intimacy. There’s nothing wrong with showing affection in public. A peck on the lips or a quick kiss is fine; anything else I would say save it for when you get home.

Not really. A little from time to time, but not full blown affection. Something’s need to be kept for the bedroom. Personally people that are always doing stuff in public are most likely having issues in their marriage and need to show people that things are perfect…the most emptiest vessels screams the most!

Public affection is not necessary, don’t touch me in public unless you want to end up in A&E, i’ll amputate body parts for things like that. We don’t need the world to co-sign our relationship.

What the guys said

Personally I say No, however showing affection can make your partner feel special. If they need that anyway.

Do what you want. It’s your partner, your relationship. Screw what bystanders think.

I believe all women need some level of public intimacy. It makes them feel special and good about themselves. It also gives them confidence and reassurance.

Generally yes it is. It’s not necessary and should be kept to a minimum.

To a certain extent I think it is within reason. There is a tasteful way you can show public affection. Also to create the security for the women. Women need it more than men.

No, I don’t feel other people have to see it, especially when many do it to prove a point. If your partner craves public attention it reaffirms to me that maybe they are not secure in their intimacy at home. Whilst saying that I do feel it is warranted to handhold andarm hug in public, but nothing more I feel is necessary – snogging and all that jazz. I actually feel quite uncomfortable with it (more than just a peck).

Only necessary if you truly feel to do so. The display of affection should be based on how you feel not the setting. In short don’t do it just because you are in public and want to show the world. But also don’t refrain from doing it because you are in public. Do what you FEEL.

No PDA is not necessary, however if you feel the urge to give your partner a kiss then you should do so. It’s your relationship. Do what makes you feel good.

PDA is not a significant sign/ indicator of/ for anything but usually shows passion and comfort in the relationship

No to affection in the middle of the street, but in a bar is okay.

Affection should be natural be it in public or private.

This depends on the individual if they feel it’s necessary or not. The level of affection should also be considered with a light and moderate affection being acceptable.

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