Is it true that once a person cheats, they will always be a cheater and cannot be trusted?

Published On March 11, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

What the Guys said:

“People can change.” Don’t know who told you that.

Nah! Not totally true! Cheating affects people in different ways.

People grow and change. Trust comes from the type of relationship you have.

No people do eventually grow up. Granted some don’t but most do.

Nope. Some people need a second chance to prove to themselves that they can do better. It’s like redeeming stage. Allowing the person the chance to save themselves from self-condemnation. Also, proving to their partner how much they loved them.

No everyone has potential to make mistakes or make the wrong decision. You can change if you personally want to. The trust can be rebuilt over time, but both sides of the party must be willing to work at it.

Nope, they can be trusted. Cheating occurs for many, most often because of a lacking of something which a person desires. Very often that person doesn’t even know what they want.

Not really, my friend was a cheat, but he has changed his ways now.

Nope, people can always change. If the girl is worth it, then he won’t cheat.

What the ladies said:

No. Once they lose all they love, they will try hard to get them back. They shouldn’t risk losing it again.

I think you have to look at the person’s character, assess their remorse and what efforts they make to fix things and go from there. People deserve a second chance as mistakes will always be made but all of the above needs to be considered too.

No with age they tend to give it up, but normally it’s when they have really and truly found the love of their life.

People can learn new behaviour and trust can be regained with work.

It’s not always true. If the person learns the value of their mistake, in regards to them losing the person that they actually care about. It’s then that they won’t be a branded “complete cheater”. Trust will always play on a partners mind.

My first instincts say yes, especially if it was an affair and not just a one off.

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