Is it necessary for your partner to claim you on social media?

Published On January 13, 2016 | By nowigetyou | Relationships
What he ladies said …..
To an extent yes but not totally necessary
It depends on your partners. If he is a person who has all of his life on social media then you would expect him to ‘claim ‘ you on social media as you are or should be a big part of his life. If however he is a private person with minimal posts then I wouldn’t expect him ‘claim’ me in social media
No some people are private people and only use social media to keep in contact with friends it’s not necessary for everyone to know the ins and outs of your life. If you trust your partner then having your relationship title on your social media isn’t a necessity as it shouldn’t be what makes you feel secure in your relationship. If your partner is going to cheat on you using their social media to meet people, having a relationship status up there doesn’t stop them from doing so. Nor does it stop some men or women entertaining it
What the guys said ………

No you shouldn’t claim no one anyway. You don’t own no one.

No what  happened before social media? Insecurity is running wild.

For me, no. i’m not on there so it doesn’t matter to me.

I’m not on social media so don’t really care.

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