Is it ever acceptable to deny your partner sex? If so when?

Published On May 27, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

Relationships can be so difficult at times, especially when your partner or you are going through certain personal issues and sometimes lack of communication is created. Each end may feel rejected by one and another as physical contact is avoided in some cases. In another situation the relationship is just so perfect it is everything you ever wished for. So imagine coming home at night and you know you’re in the mood to get down with your (beau/belle) and then they aren’t on it too; if lucky you get an explanation on why. Still what if nothing is said apart from a ‘Sorry, but not today? The questions we asked: Is it acceptable to deny your partner sex? If so when?

What the Ladies said


1. If you are on your period
2. Due to religious reason
3. If he has cheated on you
4. It’s not a duty it’s a privilege
5. When you’re not in the mood
6. If I’m not happy with him
7. If we have had a fight
8. When you’re sick

No Answers

1. Marriage; no one can say no, it is a partners duty.

2. According to my beliefs, I don’t think you should withhold sex from your husband/wife. Both of the couple have to deal with whatever issues that pop up, the matrimonial bed should ‘NEVER’ suffer!

What the Guys had to say

Yes answers

1. If there is a bereavement
2. If she is being a bitch
3. If she has lied.
4. If you suspect her of cheating
5. Sex is not an outright object that can be possessed by husband or wife
6. It is acceptable if someone is not in the mood or it could be because they’re stressed and their health.
7. Yes when you are watching football (el classico)
8. If you are in courtship.
9. Yeah!! If u know you are not supposed to be with that girl due to an affair, religion or the fact you’re interested in someone else.

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