Is it ever acceptable or ok to lie when your in a relationship? Explain your answer

Published On June 24, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

Is it ever acceptable or OK to lie when your in a relationship? Explain your answer  

What the Ladies said



I think little white lies are ok, if you know that all that will come from it is a meaningless, time wasting, unnecessary, petty argument. If you’re lying to hide something that you know will cause some real shit, then that’s something else

Sometimes. Yes, if you’re lying to protect your partner’s feelings. It really depends on the lie

No, it’s neither acceptable nor ok! If you’re in a relationship with someone you love, you shouldn’t ever have to lie about anything

I was going say it depends on the lie, but I think even little lies will sooner or later turn into big lies. So no it’s not!

Talking from experience, I’ve been lied to in a relationship. I too have lied. It’s not a nice feeling to know you can’t be honest with one another and you kind of feel that your relationship is just forged”
What the Guys Said

Ok ideally, I’d like to have an honest and open relationship, BUT sometimes lying is the easier option, because when you tell the truth, it can be interpreted the wrong way and as a result can cause an even bigger issue!

Standard truth of the matter is, there’s just some things my girl doesn’t need to know and I’m sure there are some thing’s she doesn’t want me to know. As long as we’re not fucking around and lying about that!

It depends on the relationship I guess. Where are you at in it. For instance, I wouldn’t lie to my wife, but if it’s a causal relationship then I guess it’s ok


Nah man. It’s not a healthy relationship if your both lying your way through it”

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