Is cheating just a natural part of life we have to accept in today’s society?

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No. No. No. Cheating is NOT a natural part of life, why should you accept your partner cheating on you? Think of it this way, you have both agreed to be in a relationship TOGETHER so why would you want to be with someone else? If that is the case then you need to get up and leave and find someone else that will take this urge to cheat away. For example, Cheryl and Ashley Cole, everyone felt sorry for Cheryl Cole when the breaking news that Ashley had cheated on her came out BUT did we feel sorry for her because of the situation or did we feel sorry for her because she is beautiful and didn’t deserve that? I speak for the majority of people; cheaters included – that you felt sympathy for Cheryl and what makes this any different to you?

Love is a very strong word and in my opinion should only be used to the person that you want to settle down with and spend every waking moment with, even when that is not possible. If you are cheating on someone then that is not the case and I hate to break it to you but you are NOT in love. If you were in love with this person why would you want to do something that would hurt them? I do understand that sometimes cheating on your partner is done when the relationship becomes perhaps too intense and you feel that the relationship is going to terminate. Well, I’m sorry buddy but that is not how a relationship runs. A relationship is like a contract and the same rules apply on both ends of the contract, what about if your partner retaliated and cheated on you too, would you be upset? You should want to work the problems out; you shouldn’t want to argue with your partner because if you love them, even the smallest feud would be unbearable.

Some people think that if you are not married then there is no commitment which is arguably correct, because if you are thinking about it in that way then it is true; relationships come and go all the time, almost every day you probably see one of your friends go from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’ on facebook. Whereas if you are married you can’t change your facebook status within an hour from ‘married’ to ‘divorced’. Some people also don’t like to be committed; they have found that someone special and they are confusing love with lust. Sometimes they do not intentionally want to harm the other person. Think of it as feeding a monster, it could be thought of as an addiction because as they say, once a cheater always a cheater. There are 101 reasons why people will cheat but the only way to find that out is to ask the question because not everyone is the same.

What would you consider as cheating? Flirting, a kiss or sexual contact. So many people have different beliefs on what cheating really is. I personally believe that flirting is natural and the majority of the time is done in a context that is not intentionally flirtatious, as I said, it’s natural. What about if your partner is drunk and cannot remember what happened? Then if they did cheat, it wasn’t intentional because they didn’t know what they were doing – is that acceptable then? YOU need to be the judge.

I think that if someone has cheated on you then it is forgivable over a period of time depending on what the action of cheating was. Was it just a kiss? Was it sexual contact? Did it mean anything? These are all the questions that you are going to be wondering and the only person that can answer them is the partner that was involved. This is where you need to do the ‘grown up’ thing and sit down and talk about it.

No heated arguments, no screaming and shouting just a casual chit-chat. When you hear this person’s side of the story, it will make your mind up whether you want to forgive them or not. It may be out of character for them but you need to weigh up all the possibilities because it is your opinion that counts the most at the end of day. However, if it is not the first time they have done it then it is time to let go. You need to put your partner on trial, ask the questions and hopefully the answers will be provided. You know the old saying ‘a leopard never changes it’s spots’, well that is the same case here and you shouldn’t expect them to BUT you also shouldn’t sit around and wait for them to change.

Now I want to know your personal stories and opinions. YOU tell me whether cheating is a natural part of society. YOU tell me your personal experiences and how you reacted.

By Shoosie

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One Response to Is cheating just a natural part of life we have to accept in today’s society?

  1. Yaa says:


    No it’s not at all!!! Cheating is never acceptable and can never be a ‘natural part if life’. I believe that in todays society women are more willing to forgive a cheating man and men are mistaking our leniency and forgiveness for acceptance.

    The word cheating in itself involves lying, betrayal, deception, pain, scheming. These words are certainly not acceptable in my book!

    The truth is nowadays people have lost the meaning of loyalty and commitment when they enter a relationship. We must re-inforce these meanings to our partners and set the boundaries right from the start!!

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