How do you know when you have found the one/ the right life partner/ your husband/wife? Or how do you think you will know?

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What the guys said

If she has mastered the three capital C’s in a relationship; Common Values, Communication and Commitment!

You find out progressively

When she has the same character as GOD (1Con, 13:4)

I’m guessing when they go out of their way to do things for you.

Pray to God

When she stresses you out and the hair that you have left turns grey and falls out.

You just know, like everything is about her. It’s just a feeling I guess

You will do anything she asked, go anywhere she wants and do anything to keep her -she makes you feel good

It’s how she makes you feel. It’s to do with her actions.

When you can look beyond aesthetics.

When you can turn down the opportunity of doing things with other chicks, knowing full well it’s on a plate!!

When you think about her, as you wake up in the morning!!

It’s a feeling deep inside.

I think when you have a connection with the person and there’s a seamless transition from friend to partner. If you don’t enjoy her, then she’s just your play thing.

Personally I think you need to enjoy her in every aspect to determine whether she can be wife.

You’ll know from how your characters intertwines.

It’s not something that you can know instantly. You’ll get to know through experiences with that person.

I’ll let her share my food and not be silently pissed.

One must be happy within him/herself before attempting to develop a relationship.

When you can speak to her everyday and it’s not a bother.

When you have an argument and you want to make up straight after.

When you find yourself thinking about them when you should be working. When it hurts you to see them in trouble. When you can actually tell them everything.

The key is TIME. Only after time her total character is revealed, after time you will establish weather you have the same goals and ambitions, after time you will meet her family to see her true background, upbringing and values. So I feel it’s only after some time you can really make a sound decision or know if this women is to be your wife.


Women Answer

When you love each other’s personality and company.

Not being able to go a day without talking to them, caring for them.

Think your heart will know. Home is where our heart is when it wonders.

When everything feels right I guess

By how you feel. How you make each other feel, the things that you do for each other.


When it’s different to everything else you’ve had, and your used to, but still good at the same time.

He brings out the best in you. Being with him feels different to when you’ve been with other people.

For me is when you come to the conclusion that you can spend the rest of your live with this person exactly the way you lot are right now.

I suppose when it happens, it happens and 5 years down the line you stop and think wow I’ve got the one

The way he makes me feel when I’m with him. If he really loves me, if my family and friends like him and if I could still picture myself with him 10 years from now.

As a Christian I guess the peace of God

You will know because you will feel like you’ve found your best friend for life.

No one else will matter, no matter how appealing they are.

You just have a feeling deep down

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