Could you marry someone who did not have the seal of approval from your immediate friends and family?

Published On May 17, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Marriage, Relationships

What the Ladies said………

My friends and family are not marrying him I am. I’d have to ask myself why they don’t approve.

-It really depends on what their problem was with them. I would have to decide who I thought was in the wrong before I made that decision, but ultimately if marrying them was going to make me happy and I knew they were a good person outside of my friends and family’s thoughts. Then yeah!

Family and friends. I only care about what my mum and sisters think although I think I could sell anyone to them. I’d again probably care more about what friends think.

I can never marry anyone that hadn’t got the approval of my family but friends are different. By saying family I mean my immediate they need to be able to interact with my family for real otherwise it’s an uncomfortable situation. However I don’t care what friends think because they haven’t got a say. It’s mine and my family’s choice.

It would depend on the reason why they do not accept him I guess. Personally yes I would marry the man I love and intend to build a life with even if I didn’t have the approval of my immediate family.

I am not sure depends on why they don’t approve.

Family not so much (Personally) but friends because I’ve chosen a calibre of friends who have good attributes – I trust their opinions.

I couldn’t marry someone who did not have the seal of approval from immediate family because that will cause too much unnecessary tension and discomfort. As we cannot chose our family and more or less have to be around them a lot of the time it would be better with someone who fits in with all. If there are any initial issues, its best to try and address them first with concerned parties without just running away but family is important to me so I would choose someone who is liked and accepted too. Immediate friends may have a say but definitely cannot determine or influence who I chose to marry as its me with the partner and not them.

What the guys said…………..

No because family is everything. To the isolate your self from family to occupy her will cause even more friction.

Yes but I would be weary.

Yes I could marry a woman without the blessing of others.

My family is very liberal so I would be very concerned if mum especially had issues.

If the enrich my life and I love her then yes, my family and friends don’t need to approve.

I think it’s difficult to marry someone your family do not approve off, It does depend on how close you are with your family.

No you could never bring her around your people as it would be uncomfortable or you would be fighting fighters all the time.

Some people can’t exclude their extended family from their lives and the resentment of such actions can eventually cause a divorce so it’s not worth it… However, a guy might feel she’s worth the sacrifice.

If my friends and family did not approve of my partner I would be very weary which does not make for a healthy relationship. I’m a simple man I need harmony among those I care about and love most.

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