Can ex’s remain friends?

Published On April 22, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Relationships

The easy answer is no, but let’s try and figure this dilemma out.

If you had a very bad break up and there was emotional or physical violence, cheating or anything along those lines, then any chance of maintaining a friendship of any capacity is unlikely.

Another reason why ex’s can’t be friends is if the sex was good, some people break up for the simple fact that as a couple, they are no good for each other, they can’t stand each other in their own space, however when it comes to bedroom activities they are inseparable.

Now a different angle is when the relationship falls apart because of uncontrollable circumstances like distance or different career paths. The emotion is still present, so much so that when you talk to them you like to see how far you can go with the conversation sexually before it goes too far even though you are both in new relationships. So in an indirect way you are both saying “I won’t initiate the sex, but if it came down to it, for just one more time, I’d fuck the dog shit outta you”.  Obviously not all relationships with ex’s are like this, some people just can’t stand the other person, but may have to work with them, this is an unfortunate situation where you want to just choke a bitch.

So to answer the question can ex’s move on from their relationship and be just friends…..yes, but the second you open that door, I’m not knocking to tell you I’m coming……..so no……who knows!!!


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