Could you marry some you never had sex with?

Published On February 15, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Marriage, Relationships

What the ladies said

NO, sexual intimacy in far too important (and if exercised properly super enjoyable) to leave to chance.

Depends on how important sex is to you I guess. I personally feel sex plays a vital role in a relationship, it’s a big contributor to the level of intimacy and emotional bond you have with your partner. I would most probably want to experience that beforehand. BUT, at the same time I think I could also marry without, because should there be any issues, I’m sure they could be resolved one way or another…!

I’m not a big fan of surprises, so I have to say no. I think u need to know all of someone or much as possible before you commit to marriage. Sometimes things change for the worst after sex and I wouldn’t want to risk any of that.

Nope what if you are not his cup of tea or he is not yours. You would both end up cheating. Sex is definitely a deal breaker.

Yes you can marry some you never had sex with, it’s been done before.
Yes I could marry someone I have never had sex with.  As a Christian I don’t believe in sex before marriage.

Yes you can. You can learn to have good sex should there be any issues.

Yes I believe I could but I also think that it would depend if they had a good reason for not wanting to have sex before marriage (like religious reason). In my opinion sex is an important part of a relationship especially if you want to have children. But if you truly love someone then yes I think you can wait although it would be extremely hard.

Yes definitely. Nowadays there are many ways to have fun lol.

Nope. Not made for surprises, sorry.

I know some people don’t do the whole sex before marriage thing and that’s fine but there needs to be something physical at least.

I think love is the most important and the foundation, but I don’t think love alone is enough to sustain a relationship.

What the guys said

Yes why not. Sex is important don’t get me wrong but it is not a deal breaker. At the t end of the day good sex can be learned and taught.

You have to test the milk before you buy the cow. So no I don’t think it’s possible.

It is possible but you have to want to do it. It won’t be easy though.

People can marry someone they have never seen in real life by meeting them on the internet. So it is possible.

I feel it depends on how important sex is to you, and no one can make that call until they have had sex, but in foresight marriage is for better and for worse so like all things you should work on your sex life as a married couple.

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