Would you date someone who has kids?

Published On March 1, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said

 No I personally wouldn’t. I want to be the first one to give my partner his first child, I want to be the first to share that special vital moment with him.

No, I would not date someone with kids. Ideally I would want to share my new experience of having kids with someone with no kids so it is something brand new to us both. Plus I am not willing to take on someone else’s kids, if I wanted kids I would have had my own. Finally if the mother of his children is crazy (as some are), it would make it difficult for us to have a peaceful relationship and no one willingly signs up to a life of drama.
I would rather not just because I don’t want a man with baggage and the drama of baby mothers, I would rather want my man to experience the experience of their first child with me and so on….But sometimes you never know. You can’t fight fate, I might fall in love with a guy that has kids and I change my mind and deal with it.

No I wouldn’t, I would want my first child to be our first child. I want it to be a new experience for both of us.

Yes because I have kids.

Only if we both had children already.

My answer is YES! But this is purely because I have kids myself. But if you asked me this question 6 years ago, I would have said NO! Why? I feel it is much better to start life with someone and experience everything new for the first time together i.e., having kids. Also its stress free, no baby mama drama!

Yes I would date someone with kids, I would prefer someone without kids that way you don’t have to worry about the baby mother & being second priority to him, but I wouldn’t not go out with someone just because they have kids, if they have all the other attributes that I look for in a man. And a man that loves kids is a beautiful thing.

No because kids come with baggage like baby mothers.

No I prefer not too but you can’t help who you love so if I was now to fall in love with a man with a kid I would marry him.

No I want my kids to be our first, No baby mama drama.

I personally wouldn’t date someone with kids, that’s more responsibility you will have, you will have to end up not just a partner but a parent too and I’m not willing to look after someone’s kids before I have my own. Also if the relationship ends up breaking down that child has to deal with you leaving also and that could be damaging for the child.

Possibly depends how old they are. If the kid is recently born no. If they are a bit grown and I can see there are no ties with the ex partner cool. But it’s not ideal. But at this ages it’s not uncommon and you don’t want to miss out on a potential partner.]

Yes I would date someone who had a child. Maximum of One though. Don’t think I could do two. It would make me feel like he’s already got a family. I would prefer if he didn’t have kids.

I would date someone who had a kid considering the baby mother is not a problem.
What the guys said

I would if I really liked her but probably only if she had only 1 child.

Preferably not because of the baggage, I feel I’m too young to have to stay in with the kids instead of going out in dates.

I could date them but I couldn’t marry them.

I would prefer to date someone who doesn’t have not have kids. I believe kids complicate the relationship. Are they going to give you respect? What the role the child father is playing.  Is she willing to have more children as I want kids. Like I said it complicated.

As long as they stated it from the get go. Yeah because that don’t matter if they have kids or not if your with someone your with them.
Yes, because I believe kids is a part of growing up whether they are yours or not

The selfish side of me say I don’t want the luggage the potential baby mother drama. But I was raised by my step dad, so I think I would but maximum of 1 child.

I see no reason not to its only a date, why not giver her a chance. but preferably I would like to end up with a woman that had no children.

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