When is the most inappropriate time for a guy to chat up a girl and vice versa?

Published On April 14, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said

1.When they’re out with their parents
2.Immediately after a break up
3.At a funeral
4.At a hospital
5.At a sexual health centre
6.One minute silence
7.When you’re rushing
8.When you’re on the phone
9.When eating (for a guy)
10.When you’re blatantly in a deep conversation with a person

What the guys said

1. When she with her boyfriend
2. Just after their friend has tried
3. When she’s just been dumped
4. If you just tried it on with her friend
5. After she told you no on many occasions before.
6 when she dancing with her girls
7 when she’s out eating with her friends
8 In the present of their kids, brothers (regards if a female)
9 straight after church
10. When an opportunity isn’t present

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