When getting into a relationship should a person’s past matter?

Published On May 6, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said
A past does matter, but it’s whether or not you can accept that individuals past without dwelling on it every two minutes. The important thing is that a lesson was learnt from that past if it be a bad past anyway. Everyone has past even the local preacher no one’s innocent just something that’s comes with that little thing called life. Everyone has to find themselves one way or another. So accept it and move on or reject it and let it go…

To an extent but everyone has a past, it depends if there still that way now, If they are girls and just straight dirty then yes
Yes of course it should. It tells you a lot about the person. What they are capable of, where they’ve came from and where they have progressed and overcome. If they have a good past you would want to share it, so why should it be any different of its bad. Be open. It’s the key to any relationship. If the person accepts your past, if anything it will strengthen your relationship. If not… They’re not for you.

To an extent no, because people can change. Yes, because they can have a baby mother that is crazy for instance. It’s bound to affect u
Depends what the past is. For example; “Players”-It will probably play in your mind and make it difficult to trust them. It all depends on the connection between both of you. It all depends if they’ve killed someone then the answer is definite no!

The past gives you a sense about one’s character, but it doesn’t determine the future because those he dated will not be the same as the present person. However, some people live their past over again, so it can show you how they could be in a relationship. People can change though. I would say it is important just so you are aware of who you are dealing with and what to possibly expect.
What the guys said

It shouldn’t matter in the sense of I have the right to know. It shouldn’t matter when it comes to us and our relationship.(*whether that be the present or future.)

Well it depends on the persons past really if it’s too hard to accept then don’t attempt to.

Depends if they’ve changed or not

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