What are the do’s and don’t of dating?

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What the ladies said


1 Be kind and generous
2 Practice chivalry basically.
3. Hold a conversation
4. Keep up appearance/dress to impress
5.Treat the person on the date like a person in your life you respect- Mother, sister, brother
6. Pre plan at least part of the evening. What you are doing, eating, going etc. Leave room for manoeuvre.
7 ‘show him that he counts’, ‘ don’t reveal too much about yourself, but still be yourself
8. Take an interest in the other person’s conversation
9.Do make time for each other.
10. Do respect each other’s privacy.
11. Make sure your breath is good.
12. Do be yourself there is nothing worse than you trying to be something you’re not just so they will like you.
13 Be a man and take control
14 Go on a date to get to know someone new and enjoy company.

15 Know what your end goal is from dating. If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship stick to that and don’t compromise.

16. Have a plan

1. Don’t reveal too much about yourself or even your past. You can confide in him but not too much
2. Don’t tell people you are the girlfriend of the person you are dating, if that hasn’t been discussed.
3. Don’t rush things, let things work at their own pace.
4. Talk too much about yourself on the date. Remember it’s a two way thing.
5. Don’t expect too much too soon.
6. Don’t be late.
7. Don’t leave your house with no money
8. Don’t mention marriage, having children, diets or pasted relationships.
9. Don’t get obsessive and act like you’re a full blown couple. Relax and take time.
10. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, be yourself
11. Don’t think everyone your date is going to be your wife or prince charming. Dating is a chance to get to know someone and establish whether you are compatible. Don’t pretend to be something.

12. Don’t talk too much about past relationships because the other will start comparing.
13. Don’t talk about your ex EVER
14. Don’t dress like you haven’t made an effort
15. Don’t expect him to do everything for you remember you guys are still dating so its fragile.
16. Don’t show him you like him too much
17. Don’t stand the person up
18. Don’t give all of you at once they want to get to know but not all at once take your time
19. Don’t date others

What the guys said

1 Communicate,
2 Commitment
3 Compromise
4.Be Honest
5 Compliment
6. Pay for dinner (the GIRL) appreciate each other.
7 Be spontaneous


1.Insult the girl
2. Make the whole conversation about You!
3. Be Selfish
4. Play games
5. Don’t fart or burp
6. Look at other guys/girls o
7. Talk slang

‘When is the most inappropriate time for a guy to chat up a girl and vice versa? Please give two examples’

What the ladies said

1.When they’re out with their parents
2.Immediately after a break up
3.At a funeral
4.At a hospital
5.At a sexual health centre
6.One minute silence
7.When you’re rushing
8.When you’re on the phone
9.When eating (for a guy)
10.When you’re blatantly in a deep conversation with a person

What the guys said

1. When she with her boyfriend
2. Just after their friend has tried
3. When she’s just been dumped
4. If you just tried it on with her friend
5. After she told you no on many occasions before.
6 when she dancing with her girls
7 when she’s out eating with her friends
8 In the present of their kids, brothers (regards if a female)
9 straight after church
10. When an opportunity isn’t present

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