What are the common lies women say to men in a relationship or on a date?

Published On February 9, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said:

That he looks good in certain outfits.

“I haven’t had sex for months” (on a date)

That they are not looking for anything serious. But really they are.

“I don’t suck dick.”

“I haven’t slept with anyone in months.”

How many men they have slept with.

Who they are sleeping with.

They lie about where they are from “yeah I got Indian in my family”- you know with that tough head of yours you don’t have any Indian in you KMT.

“I hate girls that are like that”- when they are the “girls” that are like that!

“I love you” because a lot of the time women say it, but they don’t really mean it.

They aren’t complicated. Or the traits that they’re looking for in a man aren’t realistic.


What the guys said:

“I’ve only been in two relationships my whole life.”

That you’re good in bed.

That you are the only one they are talking to.

“I didn’t sleep with him.”

“Me and my ex are just friends now.”

They pretend to be interested in the things you like, like football for instance.

“I’m not like that”- when you know they are.

“I’m a virgin.”

The amount of partners they have had.

Common lie women say is “I had a great time and we should do this again sometime.”

“I’ve been single for two years.”

“I haven’t had sex in six years.”

“I don’t give head.”

Women tell men that they are logical and not emotional.

“I don’t usually do this on a first date” (while she is trying to have sex with you).

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