What are the common lies men say to women whilst in a relationship or on a date?

Published On February 9, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said:

“I haven’t had sex for months” (on a date).

That they are a prince or they are super rich and can take care of you.

That they are single, no kids, having a job, where they live, their name…

Lie about job they have.

That they are honest.

“I’m single.”

“Me and my ex are just friends.”

“I will be home in five minutes.”

“I’m between jobs right now.”

“I’m a producer .”

“I see myself as a serious guy.”
What the guys said:

“I Love you.”

“I haven’t dated for a while.”

The number of sexual partners they have had.

If they have a girlfriend

They are focused on work and aren’t seeing anyone else.

“I’m single.”

“I’m not like that”- when you know they are.

As a guy you would say sometimes you like the girl, or say you have feelings for them, when the truth is you just want to have sex. After that its minimal interest or friendship.

“I’m not a player.”

Common lie by men is “you look nice.”

Men tell their girlfriend that they didn’t have fun when they went out.

The amount of partners they have had.

“I really like you.”

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