What are the best ways a man can show his woman/partner he appreciates her?

Published On March 18, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships

What he said

  1. Let her know you love her
  2. Give her presents
  3. Take her on holiday
  4. Share your emotions with her, be open and honest
  5. Be there when she needs you, be emotionally supportive
  6. Surprise her/be spontaneous
  7. Give her “alone” time/space to herself or with her friends
  8. Buy her chocolates and flowers
  9. Take her out on dates
  10. Be interested in what she does/wants/needs
  11. Be understanding
  12. Cook for her
  13. Introduce her to the family

What the ladies said

1. Be romantic
2. With girls it’s the little things that matter
3. Thoughtfulness and maturity plays a part
4. A few surprises that are not predictable
5. Making future plans
6. Noticing when she makes an effort
7. Doing things she knows she likes, maybe something she always wanted to do for herself but never had the time
8. Buy her flowers
9. Cooking for her once in a while
10. Weekend trips
11. Just telling her you love and appreciate her
12. Respecting their values
13. Make sure her smile is bigger than his

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