What are some of the signs a man should look for, which shows that a girl is in to them? What signs does she shows, when she not into them?

Published On April 22, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the Ladies said

She’s not into you:

If she’s rude to him

If she’s ignore his calls,
You call her and get her voice mail-then she has not returned your call in some way within two hours

If you pay her a compliment and she says “boy stop being stupid” or something like that (instead of blushing etc.)

If you put on your blackberry messenger status “I’ve had a really shit day” and she doesn’t message you at all #she’s not into you

If she’s always cancelling dates

(SHOULD THIS BE HERE))She’s showing interest in developing a relationship after expressing further commitment

If she’s non enthusiastic and making the effort

There’s not much eye contact.

She doesn’t call or reply to his messages

She never wants to see you

If a guy is asking for a second date and  the girl  keeps giving excuses for not having the time to.
She’s into you:

She smiles at you,

She watches you a lot, plenty of eye contact.

She calls you back when she misses your call

She’s always trying to make time for him and show a real interest in meeting up with him.

She takes the initiative by calling him, texting, being there when he needs someone

She goes the extra mile to show appreciation, small gestures like getting their favourite song, book, concert ticket, etc

If she always asking after you.

She cooks for him

She introduces him to her friends and family

If she calls you after 10pm ‘just to say hi’

If her voice drops to a ridiculously soft tone when you call her

What the guys said


 She’s into me 

If she makes physical contact with you more than others.

If she acts nervous and shy around you.

Ask her the kind of guy she goes for, if she likes you, she will probably send a hint in how she answers the question

She’ll prove to be very accommodating for him.

Women love mystery, they are curious creature, when a woman wants to find out more about you it’s a clear sign.

She is calling you constantly.

She constantly asking you’re where you are.

She constantly starring at you.

She not into me(PUT IN CAPITAL or BOLD)

She makes this statement I’m not ready for a relationship.

You are the one calling skyping, texting and bbming

She doesn’t return your missed calls.

Negative body language.

She makes no effort with him.

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