Should you tell your partner honestly how many people you have slept with?

Published On January 31, 2016 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships

What the ladies said …..
Well if they are ask and really feel like they need to know.. then I guess. Sometimes you’re better of nor knowing these things lol
Why not the past is the past.
Yes its important for them to get to know you properly. One white lie always turns in to so many lies. What if ur partner lied?
What the guys said…….
No it’s not needed information .
Depends on how many people! I think you should be honest and tell the truth now, rather than later. But be prepared that it might not go down well
Definitely, if the question has come up, then there is probably some underlying concerns. Therefore it’s best to be honest, best to build a relationship on solid foundations “The Truth”. Ultimately you want a partner who excepts you for who you are. As strange as it may seem porn stars get married to people not in the industry, so there is always someone out there to love you.
What has it got to do with their life? Is my dick clean? Is my tests not clear? Then let’s get bus

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