Should Kissing be reserved for relationships?

Published On May 3, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships

What the ladies said…………..

Kissing is best kept to relationships.

I love a good snog!

Yes kissing is for relationships; however I have kissed links before. I guess you go with what you both feel is comfortable doing.

Nah! Kiss away! But if you are in a relationship don’t kiss other people.

One can kiss whoever they want as long as its consensual and the guy is not spoken for. However there can be negative consequences when you kiss liberally i.e. hang oners, people taking it too far, and unnecessary drama from other females.

If you are transitioning into a serious relationship I think it’s a must! How the hell am I going to know what you kiss like?

Lips bring out inner feelings. You need to protect those feelings.

Sorry I will be casually kissing. Not that for the record! I can kiss and catch no feelings. If I like you, I like you and if I don’t I can’t force it.

As you get older hopefully you get wiser, you get to know yourself and what makes you tick and what doesn’t. Life comes with seasons that are forever changing, but there are times when you’re one with yourself, you know what is good for you and what isn’t. If I know I am kissing a guy and there is no future with him for whatever reason and his lip action is good why should I kill myself to catch feelings only to waste them, because in the end me and you are not going anywhere? Aah aah! Life is too short! Let’s agree and what we agree we will do it well!


What the guys said……..

No. Unless she is a prostitute. LMAO- if you can’t bring yourself to kiss the person you’re intimate with, you shouldn’t be intimate with the person.

Kissing should be reserved for relationships, but I don’t sit fully on that fence. If you like someone and you’ve been open about it, if they are in the same boat as you then a kiss will only perpetuate that feeling.

Depends on where you’re kissing.

No Kissing Strangers is better.

It shouldn’t be reserved for a relationship. It’s just kissing but that can lead to other things. Personally I am not a kisser outside of relationships.

No kissing shouldn’t be reserved for relationships. One of the signs of intent hugs are dismissed, so are words sometimes. Due to those actions not adding up to a kiss, a kiss can mean more. The reason I say no is because some people just like to kiss. The physical connection doesn’t feel complete without it. I guess it depends on the dialogue between the two parties involved.

There is no right or wrong to this question. Just different. You may snog someone’s face off on a first date when you are 15, but hold off from any contact for 2 weeks when you are 30. Time and age will give a different answer to this question. This question is highly subjective and open to whatever you feel or think is best.

No. Many types of kissing! Intimate, Dutty, friendly. Few of my friends do a quick lip peck but that’s reserved for the real close friends and not often, usually when drunk and getting uninhibited.

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