Is your partner allowed to know your passwords for your phone/tablet etc?

Published On January 17, 2016 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships
What the ladies said………
He is allowed as shouldn’t be anything to hide but not necessary as everyone deserve privacy
Yea I probably would give it , but it’s not necessary. We’re both entitled to our privacy.
He’s not entitled to my passwords and he doesn’t ask. But at the same time I don’t hide it from him if he needed to check anything
A partner is never ever “entitled” to my passwords but it would be by choice whether or not i give it.
It’s all about trust, do I trust myself enough to give it to them and know that even if they went digging there’s nothing that a simple explanation won’t work for and vice versa. At the same time it depends how long you have been together, as with some shorter relationships you are bound to find something from the past or a conversation you may not like or haven’t been told about, so I’d rather you didn’t dig for it. But when you’re married, there should be no situation that can’t be explained. You would also expect your partner to be secure enough in your marriage to not want to or care to unnecessarily snoop through your phone, emails, social media or anything by then.
What the guys said ……….
Yes. If anything happens to you she can access all your contacts .You would only say no. To the question if you have something to hide. Either way having the password creates curiosity that will be satisfied eventually.

Yeah as long as she ain’t nosey. If she ready to  look through your stuff your relationship has problems anyway. where is the trust?

If she wants but why would she need if she trust me.

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