Is Sex on the 1st night a good idea?

Published On June 14, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating
What the ladies said…………… 
On the first night No! Because you have given into physical emotions rather than getting to know one another on a mental, spiritual and emotional level
I don’t know if a good idea is the right phrase to use… assuming you don’t know them probably not as you may not even truly like them lol. It’s down to the individual and what you are looking for… Might just have an itch that needs scratching. I personally wouldn’t.
Hmm. Depends what you want and what the other person is expecting. If both your wants and expectations match then you should be fine. Problems come when those thoughts are not aligned.
If that is all you want, yes, but if you’re uncertain then don’t do it.
No, because you don’t know them well enough to make such a spiritual commitment. Unless you just want at sex as just sex. Then there’s no feelings involved, as long as you use protection.
what the guys said ………………
Depends on what your intentions are. If I want to be a chick that I want to really build something with, then I am not thinking I need to beat on the first night.
You are both grown, so you should both know what it means, if it’s just sex or more.
Hmm. Depends if you are trying to be wifey material. If they sleep with you on the first night that’s just easy.
No. you should only have sex after marriage.
It’s not a bad idea, depends on the circumstances. If you’ve got great chemistry then why not.
I have the mental/ emotional faculties to do it, enjoy it and be fine after. Not everyone can.
My answer would be yes if it’s what you want to do, be true to yourself. What’s the point in waiting for an egg timer to elapse just to prove a point to the world. Despite common misconception there is no rule book for life.
Depends on the mind set and connection of the people involved
Really? Of course the answer to that is no. you don’t know the person well enough, you have no clue of their history. They may have an infection or disease. Protection or not it’s just not  a wise decision. Regardless of that, each to their own. People are old enough to make their own decisions, but if it’s for discussion purposes. The answer is no no no no no (Kelly Sing)
It depends on your intentions init.
Depends on chemistry and on agenda. What is the goal a relationship or an exciting sex session with someone you like. Depending on your goal determines your answer.
Can you take a girl seriously after a first night sex encounter. It is very possible, again depends on the relationship you build with that person. Depends on the circumstances in which you both met each other for that passionate one night stand and the respect  you have for one another to continue the sexual relationship leading towards a wife. We all have history and we all have experiences in sex unless you are a virgin. To me a man will determine whether she is wife material and if he thinks this woman is worthy. She will prove herself if that’s the agenda then yes after the first meet I agree.
It depends on the two parties and there emotional and mental state. Often people do these things and are not emotionally stable to handle the after.
Would be nice to build up a little relationship before jumping into bed with someone so that there is  more of a connection. Also,  there are different ways to express your feelings towards a person. 
Sex in the first date isn’t everyone’s goal. Nor does it appeal to many, but! Hey if it flows that way by all means go for it. I have been a victim of a first date slam (many times) but with intentions to do it again with the same person in the future to love. sigh
Doesn’t set up the best impression, however I do feel sometimes people do click sexually and beyond on their first meeting, therefore there is nothing wrong with this if consensual. I would prefer however not to in an ideal world in order to assess if the person would meet for a second time if I abstained and not just using me for sex only. If using me for sex then I would question how many others are there? There are too many STDs around not to care about the promiscuity of a potential partner, even when you have safe sex.

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