Is oral sex a must in a relationship or can you live without it?

Published On May 3, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships

 What the ladies said……..

It depends on the individuals and how important it is to them.

I think that’s a definite yes for a husband to be honest. I’d only be thinking about getting it which is mentally cheating.

Personally, I could live without it. (I’ll put a full stop there). lol

Oral sex is a must must must!

It’s a must but I can live without if it makes sense. -I can live without it.

Not a must but keeping the excitement is essential! -Oral sex is not a must. It’s a big phenomenon now only because of the increase in access to pornographic material and satisfaction to some mens lust, but one can definitely live without it. Some people are regulars and others are once in a while and others are not at all but as long as both partners are satisfied sexually I don’t feel it is as necessary a need as made out.

What the guys said………

A must ….or I’d get it elsewhere and she would have to understand.

Mmm I don’t think it’s about just oral sex. However, I can’t do boring sex with her especially if she’s not willing to learn or please me. I would end up cheating. -Oral sex is part of sex so if you and your partner are sexually active it’s a must.

It depends if I’m giving or receiving. lol I’m playing… really, your marriage has to be built on more than what sexual pleasures you receive so it would depend on a lot more than that.

Oral sex isn’t a must, but it’s not about having a boring sex life keep it spicy. Oral sex and other additional things help. -I’m not fussed tbh… I’m certainly not doing it so I don’t really expect it back.

Oral sex is basic part of sex. To say I would go without it. I just can’t see it, but in no way is it a deal breaker.

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