Is it ok for a man to use vouchers on a first date?

Published On May 6, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the ladies said:

it’s not the voucher it’s the thinking behind it that causes concern.

It looks cheap; he should hide it at least.

Yes it pays the bill doesn’t it?

Yes it shows he is financially conscious.

You will lose points for using vouchers. But it doesn’t mean I won’t see again.

There’s a recession on. You have to save the pennies. It’s normally a sign that he’s good with money and not frivolous.

No you look like you’re not trying to make an effort.

To use them makes him look like a penny pincher.

There’s the issue of its like being told indirectly told you not worth paying full price.

It might be ok depending on how he got the vouchers.
What the guys said:

If it can be pulled off you are the man.

There nothing wrong especially as majority of the time it is the man who pays.
Yes why not? Dating can be expensive.
Looool I wish you will get no ratings.

Of course. If he hasn’t got a lot of money. We’re still in a credit crunch. We need to save money any which way. Women should respect that.

If the woman has a problem with it, its an indication of the fact she is materialistic. It the sentiment that counts.

Not at first maybe on the 5th date and it has to be done discreetly.

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