Is it necessary for you to live with your partner before you marry them?

Published On April 12, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Marriage, Relationships

What the ladies said:
It would be nice but it isn’t a must.

You need tolerance to live with someone you can’t expect them to be perfect and occupy a home in the same way you do. You can’t establish if someone is willing to compromise without living with them.

Not necessary but it would probably make married life much more pleasant.

Either way it’s a good way to learn about someone. You never really know anyone until you live with them.

It works out for arranged marriages, but you don’t know your husband’s habits.

It’s not necessary, but is good if you want to see if your partner has any bad, good or unusual habits you can’t live with. A lot of people live together now anyway. but I wouldn’t say you have to do it to get married. Just get ready to compromise and discover new things about them if you don’t.

Yes to get an idea if you can live with them. Some people are completely different to the person you spend lots of time with, when you live with them.

Yes because then you get to know them better.

No because it’s not morally right and all of that stuff.

You need to know what living habits they have. You need to know if you can live with them,  living with someone is hard.

No but of course you need spend time together in each other’s space.

No it’s not necessary in fact I believe it will cause problems.

Of course I’m not waiting until my wedding day to get rammed like a lamb.

If by partner you mean by someone you are about to marry, yes would be good so you can see how the relationship goes from there. People change when you start living with them.

I think it is depends on how tolerant you are. Personally if I married you and found out I couldn’t stand to live with you I may kill you. I like peace in my house.

What the guys said:

Of course it is, otherwise how will u know if you are compatible to live together. -YES because you need to see the truth!! -No not really, however I would advise it, since you are testing the waters, before you get married. I think it would be better to familiarise yourself with the new surroundings, before you commit to anything.

Yes as when you live with someone you find out things you would have ever known.

To a certain degree yes, I don’t want no surprises. Try the milk before you buy the cow.
As I get older I feel yes you should live together before marriage. You learn so much by doing so and I would find it a little too much to be married and then find out I might not be compatible living with a person.

I personally believe so

Yes, because that’s the only true way of knowing if you can be with that person forever. It helps. Having someone around you 24/7 in your comfort zone can really teach you about what you like and don’t like even more.

I would say depending on the age of those involved. As young people would find it easier to mould around each-others habits and change where needed, as to older singles trying to make it work ( more set in their ways).

Definitely worth living together first and going away on holiday to see if you can stomach them all day.

You should try and simulate as much as possible how it would be to live with them.

No but if you know you’re a difficult person to live with you probably should.

I highly recommend this as that individual will be a lifelong companion. Perhaps it will assist in ironing out possible clashes that may occur.

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