Is it ever ok to make a sex video or send naked pictures of yourself? If so when? If not why

Published On April 1, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

What the Ladies said

Not necessary, in my opinion that’s sacred, but each to their own. Whatever floats your boat.

Never ok in the public eye…but I guess naked pictures are ok, if you’re in a committed relationship, where you are both mature about it, to keep it exciting.

Only if you’re married.

Yeah why not….only with your man guess there must be some serious trust involved.

Nope- never ever- why do you want the video, when you can have the real thing.

Always ok, if you trust the person and they have to want it lol. Can be sent in a relationship, but you should agree to delete, if you break
Never make a video, Send a picture but don’t up.

People can do what they want, as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

Nooo! it’s Part of selling yourself.

No What’s it for?  Sex tape is too much and naked pictures? Especially if your just my man.

No why  do u want a video when u have the real thing
put your face on it. And never send d pictures to any dudeSome1 you’re in a relationship wit and trust.

Yes it is ok if you’re’ married. It may be a personal fantasy or your partner’s desire and there is nothing wrong with fulfilling that fantasy. Personally, I would only do it if I was married. At least if you’re married there more of a commitment and trust.

I think it’s totally fine in a relationship and your boo has gone away. But thinking it might be better in a marriage…just in case those pictures go travelling when you’ve broken up with the person lol.

Yeah why not…only with your man I guess there must be some serious trust involved!

I think it’s ok you have to keep the heat alive, but you have to be serious about each other and really trust each other because you don’t want a 3rd party getting their hands on it.

What the Guys said?

Yes but you run the risk…ask Tulisa lol

Why not! Your born naked!

As a man sending naked pictures of yourself is the stuff of losers. A sex video is fine as you can see what sex is really like, make not of good performances/enjoyment and learn from mistakes. Make a video when you’re ready to do so, that’s something you can’t put a time / date on/ it has to be spontaneous.

Its fine if you’re in control of them, otherwise no.

Sex video? Yes. Everyone should try it. Send naked pictures? I’m not sure. A contract needs to be agreed before hand them over.

Yes and yes. Sex videos add spice as everybody secretly wants to be a porn star, I know I’ve been thinking about my porn name. A man should only send pictures if 1) he is in shape or  2) he’s packing. If a man poses for a woman then he’ll just look gay.

No never, just not necessary.

Not if your famous.

Yes you just got to trust the person.

Unacceptable, you shouldn’t you’re a Slag if u do.

Its cool but just know who you are sending it to.

My answer is NO! If she is your wifey don’t do it, but if it’s a link hell yeah just don’t include your face.

Yeah no problem but  just no someone else will see it if you’re not his long term girlfriend or wife.

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