How To Get a Man’s Attention

Published On March 18, 2013 | By nowigetyou | Dating

A lot of women don’t like to make the first move in the sense of going up to a guy they like and talking to him. So what is the best way for a female to get a man’s attention in a social environment   without directly going up to talk to him?

What the ladies said

  1. It’s all in the eyes look at him and make eye contact for a few seconds.
  2. Express your interest to a friend and let them do the work for you and go and speak to him on your behalf.
  3. Look sexy and do the walk past him and make sure he sees you. If he is interested he will approach you.
  4. Follow him if he moves to another spot you move too but not too much, you don’t want to come across stalkerish.
  5. Talk to his friends.
  6. Smile at him a couple of times.

What the guys said

  1. Make direct eye contact with him from where you are but not for  long on a couple of occasions.
  2. Give a cheeky smile in his direction make sure he sees it.
  3. Walking around him so he notices you. Try to make it obvious.
  4. Make sure you look good. Where fine dress (some like to call it the freakem dress).
  5. Body language – use your body to show you’re interested.
  6. Look at him in a friendly/welcoming manner.
  7. Make a cheeky wink.
  8. Be yourself and act natural.
  9. Maintain eye contact.
  10. Look at him and ignore him (play hard to get).

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