How many dates do you think you should go on before women should have to contribute or pay and why?

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Guy: I had such a nice time.

Lady: Yes me too, I’ve really enjoyed your company these past few dates.

Guy: Nice pick of the restaurant this time. Are you ready to go? Should I get the bill?

(Pause) Hmmm

So staying true to tradition the guy pays the bill, but is there anything wrong with a women holding her own and paying the bill. Some women can get offended that a man suggests that the bill should be split. Some also may say, why should she even pay. He’s a man and should take care of everything. Don’t get me wrong, some women don’t mind spending their money. It is two people on a date, right? This is one of the most complicated issues that everyone faces from time to time.

How many dates do you think a man and a woman should go on, before a woman should contribute/pay? and why?

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What the guys said

Well it depends. Probably the third. I wouldn’t expect her to pay if it’s me that asked her out on the date in the first place. When it becomes serious and we are both super comfortable around each other, then she can contribute.

I don’t think a girl should have to pay. If you are married to her, then I don’t mind.

None at all. You should always be a gentleman, that’s my honest opinion.
In my opinion she should never have to pay. However if she asks him out, then maybe she should contribute.

Two dates

I never let a woman pay

I think you should go on 4 dates, before a woman has to pays for something

I would always pay, but I would expect her to offer, at some point, even though I would decline the offer. A woman who is willing to contribute on the first date shows her character.

The first date or when you’re decided it’s time for her to start paying. Why shouldn’t she? Does she not want to eat? Are men and women equal yes or no?  Men and women are right.

I think 4 dates before a woman pays for something, Maybe 5

I shouldn’t have to ask. About the 3rd date, I will just expect her to, but I won’t really ask.
What the Ladies said
In my opinion I think a woman should be willing to pay on the first date. But probably not expected to until the 2nd or 3rd.

Women should not have to pay until they are in a relationship

A woman to pay for dates? Naahh! Only if you’ve been together for a while! I’m talking over a year, then she can pay, if she wants to treat him. Otherwise, no not ever sorry, I’m old fashioned.

Depends on the guy, but I’d say the third or fourth.

Never. Unless you’re married

I always like to split. If the guy paid on the first date, then I would want to pay on the second or at least go halves.

If you invite the guy out, then you should pay, unless he offers. If he asked you out, then it’s his cash that should be used

At least 4 or 5

I would offer to contribute on the third date, even though I don’t expect him to say yes. I would always ask or offer, otherwise I would feel very uncomfortable.

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