Does it matter who says I love you first?

Published On March 29, 2015 | By nowigetyou | Dating, Relationships

What the ladies said

I think ideally you would prefer for your partner to utter those 3 words to you first, if the feelings mutual that is, just to spare that feeling of rejection and more so to experience that irreplaceable moment. But when it comes down it, in reality, no I don’t think it matters.

It doesn’t matter who says it first! What matters is how you show it and if the other person feels the love! It’s so easy now a days to say I love you it just a word and it has lost his true meaning so when it’s comes to it live actions are better than words.

No it doesn’t really matter who says ‘I love you first’. I think you get to a certain age where there’s no need to play games, but it helps if your partner feels the same way.
No not if the feelings are mutual.

Wow I think these questions depends on the individual. I’m a amour person so I believe when you love someone you should let them know, if he/she is not ready then that’s ok.

Doesn’t matter at all. But I wouldn’t say it first.

Yes because I sure as hell won’t be saying it first.

Not really but maybe a girl saying it could scare a guy off. I’d only say it if I thought the guy was a bit loved up to.

Nope I don’t think so, I would say it first if I meant it. You should never lie about your true feelings.

Not really but I’d prefer for the guy to say it to me. I would say it first but only if I was quite certain that we are at that point and he probably feels the same way.

Nah it don’t matter. Even though I’ll wait to say it.

What the guys said

No not really.

No as long as you both love each other and if and when you say it back you mean it.

As long as your both in love then no. If it’s said and someone isn’t then yes it’s a big problem!

It doesn’t matter who say I love you first as long as the feeling is mutual. But if it is not mutual and you say it first and you it is not returned some people can deal with that.
In my opinion no it doesn’t but in the real world it does. In the real world women would assume that the man has to tell her first.
It definitely matters she needs to say it first so. I know she really wants to be in the relationship.

When its RIGHT the heart will speak.
It doesn’t matter as long as the person who says it first is ready for it not to be reciprocated.

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